Howzit Beer Lovers!

IBU Brown logo.pngThis is the home of the Island Beer Union (IBU).  Our member GravyAllOvah is still around and is our blogmaster, so check out his posts on the blog page



A bunch of us wanted to get together to appreciate beer and we first thought about a homebrew club.   That wasn’t enough.  Sure we like brew but brewing isn’t our only passion.  In fact, beer itself is our passion.  So we decided to focus our group around beer appreciation, enthusiasm and general geekiness.  Since we are all from the islands and we were united in what we are doing, the Island Beer Union was born.

We liked the play on the IBU acronym and the name symbolizes what we plan on getting into:
Island: We are like islands, isolated from the rest of the beer world, needing to be self-sustaining;  Beer: This is our core mission.  Drink it, enjoy it, geek out over it; and  Union: an association or organization that is joined in beer. = ISLAND BEER UNION

We’ll be putting up our mission and vision and all that other stuff soon, don’t worry.  For now, lets just enjoy a beer.  If you have any questions or comments, shoot it over to IslandBeerUnion@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you.


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