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I’m not a beer snob though I do enjoy trying different beers, craft, micro and macro.  I’m trying to get back into homebrewing and would like to someday be a part of the beer scene.  This is my initial attempt at that, just to contribute and consolidate beer happenings and provide some thoughts.  I like to keep the bottle caps and/or labels of the beer I drink, or post the new ones to Untappd (used to be Beer Hunt), pick them up on travel, go to festivals and follow all the news on beer.  Follow my beer journey on instagram  or on pintrest or keep an eye out here for new posts and beer fun.

Links (will be updated as I find more sites I like):

A couple great places for beer knowledge:

Beer in Hawaii-an excellent blog for all beer things going on in Hawaii

Beer Pulse-news from all over the world and all kinds of beer of info on craft beer, probably more than you want to know

Brewers Friend-a great place for charts (alpha acid), calculators, recipes

Beer Advocate-great forums and mag and a good overall beer place (app available)

American Homebrewers Association-publishes Zymurgy and a great resource

All About Beer-good beer mag with news, reviews, and good articles

Home Brew Talk-best forums for brewing (app available)

Brewers Association-The authority on “craft beer”

KegWorks-great place for all your beer needs!

Beer People to Know:

Louis Pasteur
St. Arnold (Patron Saint of hop-pickers and Belgian brewers)
Carl Von Linde (invented the first large-scale refrigerated lagering tanks.  Allowed the beer to ferment at a constant temperature, releasing lagers from seasonal dependence)
King Gambrinus (The legendary king of Flanders is credited with being the first to add hops to beer and is the “unofficial” patron saint of beer)
Daniel Wheeler (in 1817, he received his patent for his malt roaster which allowed brewers to efficiently and predictably roast pale malts to create a darker brew with a roasted flavor, which is where porters came from)

Good Beer Books (that I’ve read or want to read):

Very well written memoir by the founder of Dogfish Head.  Enjoyed it immensely.  Provided an insight into who he is and what it took to get his brewery up and running along with some insights on business as well.

THE guide to drinking a beer.  Sure you know how to open your mouth, but do you even recognize all those flavors, good and bad, crossing your tongue?  Probably not, but this book won’t tell you either.  What it will do is provide a way for you to “experience” your beer instead of just being the vessel to getting you drunk.

Every craft beer lover should own this book.  It provides the definitive history of craft beer in America. Lots of stories and characters makes this an easy read.  Some you know, some you didn’t have a clue about, but all a part of making that sweet nectar arrive on your store shelves.

The Bible of homebrewing by its Godfather, Charlie Papazian.  Now in its 5th Edition, this staple of a homebrewer’s beer library is still the best you’ll find around.  Crack it open along with a beer and “relax, don’t worry” as Papazian’s motto goes.

If the Complete Joy of Home Brewing is the Bible, this book is like the Second Testament.  Continuing the adventures of homebrewing, its basically a supplement to his first book.

Another great book to learn about beer.  Labeling itself “complete” is pretty accurate.  Tons of information just waiting to be absorbed.

Fun story to read about Lagunitas and how Magee struggled to put together a world-class brewery.  Also provides a little more insight on why he would sell Lagunitas to Heineken, I don’t blame him for wanting to see all his hard work pay off.  All his struggles is a warning story that it aint all about making beer and parties.

BEER HOLIDAYS (Please let me know if I got them wrong and I will change it):

January 24-Beer Can Appreciation Day

In January 1935, the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company released the first canned beer developed for mass consumption.  This breakthrough was due in part to the end of prohibition and the development of Vinylite, which strengthened the can enough to allow it to handle the pressure of carbonated beer. (*)

March 1- National Beer Day (Iceland)

March 28-Daniel Wheeler Day

If you count porters as among your favorite beers, you have Daniel Wheeler to thank. On this day in 1817, he received his patent for his malt roaster, which allowed brewers to efficiently and predictably roast pale malts to create a darker brew with a roasted flavor—opening the door to the modern porter. (*)

April 6-National Beer Day (England)

April 7- National Beer Day (U.S.)

April 11-King Gambrinus Day

The legendary king of Flanders, King Gambrius is credited with the being the first to add hops to beer, and is considered one of the ‘unofficial’ patron saints of beer. He may be based on an actual fellow named John the Fearless (what a great name) who some historians believe is the actual inventor of hopped beer. (*)

April 23-National Beer Day (Germany)

Day of the Bier, a commemoration of the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law) (*)

First Saturday in May-National Homebrew Day

In 1988, Congress designated the first Saturday in May as National Homebrew Day.

Starts on the third Monday in May-American Craft Beer Week

June 11-Carl von Linde Day

If you love lagers, then raise a glass to Carl von Linde. In 1871, at the request of the Herberz & Co Brewery, Carl von Linde invented first large-scale refrigerated lagering tanks. These tanks allowed the beer to ferment at a constant temperature, releasing lagers (which need to ferment a relatively cool temperature) from seasonal dependence. (*)

July 18-St. Arnold’s Day

St. Arnold, who took to the streets to urge people to drink beer instead of the then-deadly water, is the patron saint of hop-pickers and Belgian brewers. A parade is held in his honor in Brussels on what is known as the “Day of Beer.” (*)

First Friday of AugustInternational Beer Day

Celebrated on the first Friday of the month, International Beer Day was founded by a group of friends in 2007 as a way to show appreciation to brewers, gather with friends and unite the world under the banner of beer. Since then, it has evolved into a global event, with celebrations held in dozens of countries around the world. (*)

First Thursday of August-IPA Day

Second Saturday in SeptemberSour Beer Day

Also known as Zwanze Day

September 28-Drink Beer Day

As beer-drinking holidays go, you can’t get much more specific than Drink Beer Day. (Yes, that is the actual website). According to the Facebook page, it’s a day dedicated to drinking your favorite beer and sounding the praise of one of the oldest known man-made beverages. (*)

September X to First Sunday in October 16 days of beer in Germany

October 27-American Beer Day

National American Beer Day was founded to celebrate the amazing diversity of US craft brewers.  The US is home to more than 2000 craft brewers who are responsible for creating (or reviving) a wide array of craft beer styles. Some of the beers that have being forged in the US are Steam Ale, Black IPA, Amber Ale and Cream Ale. (*)

First Friday of NovemberInternational Stout Day

International Stout Day was set aside as a day to celebrate craft beer and the diversity of the Stout style by encouraging people to share their photos, tasting notes and events. (*)

First Saturday of November-Learn to Homebrew Day

Learn to Homebrew Day (LTHD) was established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to encourage homebrewers to introduce their non-brewer friends and family to the most rewarding hobby, obsession and lifestyle since the beginning of time! (**)

December 5-Repeal Day

December 10-National Lager Day (U.S.)

Lagers may have a bit of a bad reputation in the US, but the craft versions of these beers are delightfully complex. A traditionally German beer (and a requirement at Oktoberfest) lagers require colder temperatures and take longer to condition than ales, and are the world’s dominant beer style. (*)




Hawaii Breweries/Brewpubs
Just keeping a list of Hawaii breweries and I will add more info to it like dates, location, description, etc as I have time.  For a little history on Beer in Hawaii, check out this paper by Robert C. Schmitt.

  • Honolulu Brewery (1854-?)
  • The National Brewing Company (1888-1893)
  • Honolulu Brewing Co a.k.a Royal Brewery (1898-1900 @ 535 Queen St)
    • Honolulu Brewing and Malting Co  (1900-1920 @ 547/549 South Queen St)
    • American Brewing Co. (1933-1962)
    • Reopened after prohibition under a different name
    • Original brewers of Primo Lager
  • Hawaii Brewing Corp Ltd (1934-1962 @721 Kapiolani Blvd or 821 Cooke St?)
    • Hawaii Brewing Co (1962-1964)
    • Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co (1964-1976 @ 98-051 Kamehameha Hwy (a branch of August Krug Brewery))
    • Hawaii Brewing Co (1976-1979 (a branch of August Krug Brewery))
  • Kona Brewing Co (1994-Present; @ 75-5629 Kuakini Highway, Kailua-Kona and at Koko Marina)
  • Alii Brewing (1993-2000)
    • Founded by Frank Wenzl
  • Waimea Brewing Co (1998- @ 9400 Kaumualii Highway )
    • Owner: Bret and Janice Larsen; Head Brewer: Dave Curry; After lease was up, they founded Kauai Island Brewing Co
    • Did some contract bottling out of California for a little while
  • Fish and Game Brewing Co. & Rotisserie (Gone @ 4405 Honoapiilani Highway, Lahaina)
    • Brewmaster Thomas Kerns (who helped start Maui Brewing Co, then opened Big Island Brewhaus)
  • Keoki Brewing Co (@ 2976 Aukele St., Lihue; Now a part of Hawaii Nui Brewing)
    • Started by George Wells
  • Mehana Brewing Co (@ 275 East Kawili St.; Now a part of Hawaii Nui Brewing)
    • Brewers of Note: Kaiao Archer (now with Aloha Beer Co) and John Walsh
  • Hawaii Nui Brewing
  • Maui Brewing Co (Lahaina, Kihei, Waikiki)
  • Gordon Biersch (@ 1 Aloha Tower Market Place)
  • Brew Moon (1998-2009 @1200 Ala Moana Blvd., inside the Victoria Ward Center)
    • Brewmaster Greg Yount
    • A franchise of a Boston-based chain restaurant (Brew Moon Enterprises, Inc) that filed for bankruptcy (in 2000) and was bought out by Rock Bottom Restaurants Inc (who didn’t want the Hawaii franchise, which was then bought by local investors in 2001)
  • Sam Choy’s Big Aloha Brewery (1997-? @ 580 North Nimitz Highway, inside Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch and Crab)
    • Brewmaster Dave Campbell
  • Aloha Beer Company (2012-? @ 580 North Nimitz Highway; 2017-Present @ Kakaako)
    • Brewmaster Dave Campbell
  • Big Island Brewhaus
  • Honolulu Beerworks
  • Kauai Beer Co
  • Kauai Island Brewing Co (2012-Present)
    • Owners/brewers Brett Larson and Dave Curry who were also involved with Waimea Brewing Co
  • Waikiki Brewing co (Waikiki, Kakaako)
  • Hawaiian Islands Brewing Co (2012-?)
    • Founded by Frank Wenzl and Greg Yount (who also happened to open Palau’s first brewery in 1998)
  • Hoku Brewing Co (Gone)
  • Lanikai Brewing Co
  • Home of the Brave Brewing/Brewseum
  • Pacific Breach (Gone)
  • Stewbum and Stonewall (Kaneohe (Gone), Downtown)
  • Beer Lab Hawaii (University, Waipio)
  • Kohola Brewery
  • Inu Island Ales
  • Nani Moon Meadery
  • Ola Brew Co
  • Paradise Ciders
  • PIA Brew Co
  • Kailua Brewing Co (?)
  • Palolo Brewing Co  (?)
  • Chance um Brewing Co (?)
  • Nalo Brewing Co (?)

Fun links for beer news:
Beer Googles: All the news fit for your mug
Tried out this thing to see if it can centralize some of the better beer and brewing news out there in cyberspace. If you have a FB, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or other site and would like to see it here, send it on over!



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